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Pain Treatment

Low Back Pain

Most of the herniated disc cases do not necessitate surgical operation. The rate of surgical operation among herniated disc cases is as low as 1-3%. It is frequently treated successfully with a decent rest, drug therapy, corset, herniated disc physical therapy, manual treatment, chiropractic treatment and an exercise treatment suitable for each individual. The exercises which strengthen the low back area muscles are also important treatment methods. Some patients may be benefited from the complementary medical methods like prolotherapy, neural prolotherapy, dry injection and acupuncture. Also the painkillers with edema-decreasing effect may be beneficial. The neuromuscular blockers may be beneficial to alleviate muscle spasm. Besides, medicines like tramadol which is an opioid analgesic and neuropathic pain drugs like gabapentin and pregabalin may be used in cases of pain caused by nerve pressure. If the complaints do not decrease with physical therapy, epidural steroid injections called as on-target treatment (cortisone injection into low back) can be a method to be applied before surgical operation. Sometimes nucleoplasty, which is a non-surgical treatment method, can be applied. In the patients with the complaints like Progressive muscle weakness, loss of feeling, urinary and fecal incontinence or severe pain and complaints in spite of the other therapies, herniated disc may necessitate operation. If there are sudden and severe low back pains, or any weakness or loss of feeling is existent regardless of the severity of pain, a doctor should be consulted. Besides, if the low back pains do not alleviate with rest and the pain lasts more than 3-5 days, it is again recommended to consult a doctor.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is frequently seen and mostly it is an outcome of a long process. Neck pain may occur as a result of various reasons like poor posture, weakening of muscles, stress, lack of sleep and disc degeneration. Neck pain is not a serious problem alone in general. However, if there are symptoms like pain which spreads into arm and leg, numbness, weakness, loss of weight, fever and after-trauma effects, you need to consult a doctor. You can ensure the alleviation of neck pain with some simple precautions. Neck pain treatment is performed according to the cause. Physical therapy is mostly applied in cases of the problems of musculoskeletal system like muscle strain, ligament strain, neck arthritis, and cervical disc hernia. If there is a progressive strength loss in arm and legs, weakness of bladder and intestinal control, a surgical operation may be needed. The operations of cervical disc hernia are usually performed by brain and nerve surgery.

Knee Pain

Knee pain may be caused by various reasons. The placement of the pain is an important clue in understanding the reasons of the problem and making a diagnosis. The frontal knee pain, pain in the posterior side of the knee, the pain in the frontal side of the knee, the pain felt within the joint, the pain which is felt on the back of the pain signify different problems. One of the most effective methods in making diagnosis in case of knee pain is to start from the placement of the pain. Different diagnoses appear according to the pain in the frontal, posterior, external area or on the back of the knee. The type of appearance, course and the other accompanying finings give clue for the diagnosis. During the examination, the walking style, stability (strength) of the knee joint, degree of mobility, touch-sensitive points, swelling are observed. The imaging methods like x-ray, MRI and ultrasonography are beneficial to finalize the diagnosis.


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