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Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation

What is a usual day of patient like in comprehensive rehabilitation?

The daily treatment program to be applied on the patient is determined by a specialist doctor of physical therapy and rehabilitation according to the physical therapy and rehabilitation potential and medical situation of the patient. In the daily medical visits, the Robotic Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy programs may be altered and additional programs may be added according to the needs of the patients.

Example day of a patient

8:30 Electrotherapy Session

9:30 Physiotherapy (Exercise)

10:30 Walking Robot- Lokomat

11:30 Respiratory Therapy

13:00 Occupational Therapy- Ergotherapy

14:00 Physiotherapy (Exercise)

15:00 Electrotherapy Session

16:00 Hand and Arm Robot- Armeo Power


What does the treatment include?

The duration of inpatient comprehensive physical therapy is 8 weeks in average. This duration may be longer or shorter according to the situation of the patients. Besides the treatments like Robotic physical therapy, exercises, Ergotherapy –Occupational therapy, physiotherapy and balance training, the general health condition of the patient is continuously tracked by the specialist doctors of the relevant branches.

At the same time with the intense medical treatment of the brain and all the organs of the patients, the rapid and effective Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation programs are applied. Early walking and ability to take nutrition comfortably are among the primary treatments to make the patients regain their independency. When these are ensured, the patient is discharged, and the ongoing Physical Therapy and Robotic Physical Therapy processes can be applied as ambulatory when they come to our clinic.

The Blue Code System is alerted in the cases which necessitate urgent intervention and the patients are sent to the Intensive Care Unit if needed.


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