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Soft Tissue Cancer Is More Frequently Seen In Young Persons

The soft tissue cancer which reveals itself with the formations of tumours in arms and legs form the 6,6% of all the cancer cases during childhood and youth. The disease does not generally show any symptoms during the first stages but if it is late for the treatment, it may spread in the body rapidly. Memorial Antalya Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Department Chair Prof. Dr. Ahmet Turan Aydın, “soft tissue cancer and its treatment”

Painful swellings may be seen

Soft tissue cancer is seen in muscles, adipose and connective tissues, veins and nerves. Because the soft tissues are all over the body, tumours may be seen everywhere in the body. 60% of tumours are seen in arms, legs and hips, 20% of them are seen in chest and abdomen, approximately 10% them are seen in neck and head. Tumour may cause swellings and bumps while growing in the soft tissue. It may also create pain if it applies pressure on nerves and muscles. The genetic transition, a long insufficiency of lymph system, encountering with the chemicals like vinyl chlorides, arsenic and traumas may be counted among the factors cause the diseases.

Attention to the masses bigger than 5 cm!

Half of the soft tissue cancer cases are the rare tumours caused by atypical lined muscle cells seen during childhood. Although they are caused by different tissues, the symptoms of soft tissue cancer are generally similar to each other. Because they are seen rarely and recognized in the later stages frequently, scanning programs are beneficial in their case. Especially the persons who have high risk genetic syndromes or the ones who are exposed to radiation should be monitored closely. If any deep, painful, mass which moves rarely and bigger than 5 cm is seen, the soft tissue sarcoma should be suspected. A careful examination and screening test by an orthopedic oncologist is sufficient for the diagnosis.

Symptoms of soft tissue cancer,

  • Bones are weakened and fractures can be seen
  • Joint swellings and sensitivity (for the tumours nearby or inside)
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Weight loss
  • Anaemia

PET-CT is quite important in the staging of tumour

Biopsy is vital for a final diagnosis, the staging of tumour and planning the treatment. While biopsy can be performed directly or via ultrasounding, it can be also performed via CT, with a special biopsy needle. The soft tissue sarcoma is evaluated under 4 stages according to the look and type of spread in the body. Stage 1 and 2 are local. In stage 3, the tumour has spread into the nearest lymph glands, and in stage 4, all over the body. Pet-CT is vital in staging.

Surgical method is applied as the exact solution

Tumour is frequently settled in the arms and legs, so an orthopedic oncology specialist should intervene. General surgery, thoracic surgery, plastic surgery and vascular surgery have important contributions regarding the tumours in head-neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis area. Radiotherapy is important in the deactivation of tumour growth. Early diagnosis, team work and treatment by the specialist doctors of orthopedic oncology are quite vital.

Pain which is experienced during going down-climbing upstairs or tying shoes can be an indication of danger. If there is a pain in the hip area, which has the biggest joint in our body, a specialist should be consulted as soon as possible. If not, movement capability is restricted, living quality decreases, and if there is another underlying-serious disease, its treatment may be delayed. While indicating that hip pain is frequently confused with the pains of herniated disc, Prof. Dr. Hakan Özsoy from Memorial Ankara Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Department gave some information regarding hip pains and treatment methods.

Pain occurs like a sudden knife blow

The pains in adults are generally seen within the pelvis and the outside area of the hip. Being frequently caused by the injuries or osteoarthritis in the hip, these pains occur mechanically. These hip pains occur while walking, climbing and going down the stairs, tying shoes, wearing socks, crossing legs or getting in- off the car like sudden knife blows.

Hip pains decrease sportive performance

Among the reasons of hip pain which is seen in the young age group of 30-40, the injuries and ruptures of the soft tissues named as labrum in the hip or the shape deformities on the thigh bone are seen. If there is such a situation, a pain is seen within or the outside of the pelvis while walking long distances or engaging in the sports activities and the sportive performance decreases. This disease is called as hip impingement or ruptures in hip.

With PRP, your own blood becomes a part of your therapy

Initially, the treatment in these cases is generally rest. When the shape deformities are seen in hip x-rays or MRs, physical therapy or the treatment method of giving the thrombocytes obtained from the patient’s own blood –called PRP- is applied. This method generally helps to decrease the complaints and improve the general conditions of the patient.

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