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Unfortunately, in most of the studies conducted to increase the egg reserve or to ensure that the eggs are re-emerging if they are now completely depleted, medicine has not been able to develop a treatment with the desired effectiveness. Unfortunately, IVA (in vitro activation) treatment, which has been exciting in this field in the last 5 years, has not been generally accepted and widespread due to its very low effectiveness and the need for additional surgical intervention.

PRP is a blood product that contains cells involved in the coagulation system called platelets at a much higher rate than peripheral blood circulation obtained by a special separation technique from the woman's own blood. Therefore, it is not a medication or a foreign substance taken outside the body. PRP has actually been used in plastic surgery or orthopedics for a long time to treat nerve and muscle injuries. However, data on regenerative properties in reproductive medicine were limited. Nevertheless, in vitro and animal studies gave us promising signals. In other words, it is a candidate method to become a treatment that can display a regenerative feature by activating the silent cells in the ovary in case of low egg reserve.

How does PRP work?

Based on comprehensive information and upon consent from the patients, the first PRP applications are carried out by informing them that this treatment is not yet a settled treatment and that there is a very long way to go to reach definitive evidence. Although it is observed that not every patient responds positively to the applications made in patients, pregnancies can be obtained beyond obtaining eggs in some patients who are desperate or whose ovarian response has worsened extremely after this treatment. PRP is applied by injecting the patient's own blood into both ovarian tissues under the guidance of ultrasonography after a special separation process. The response of the ovarian tissue usually begins to appear in the 3rd month after the application.

Why should you have IVF treatment at Memorial?

Our team, which makes intensive efforts for the success of IVF treatment and conducts important research in this sense, also applies preimplantation genetic diagnosis methods in families with genetic disease risk.

With all these achievements in the field of IVF Centers and the wide range of treatments they offer, IVF has had an important place in Europe and the world as well as in Turkey.

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