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Memorial in Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Centers try to find solutions for many different issues by means of their medical specialist team, from failed IVF cases to elderly women becoming mothers, from severe male infertility to recurrent miscarriages. Our IVF Centers can diagnose many genetically transmitted diseases such as thalassemia, muscle diseases, and hemophilia in embryos, and thus help healthy children be born. Memorial Health Group IVF Centers make couples’ baby dreams come true thanks to their experienced academic staff, modern technologies, and multidisciplinary treatment approaches.

When you apply to our center to meet a specialist for IVF treatment, your and your spouse's previous medical examinations and treatments are inquired about as well. Thus, both a cause-oriented idea is constituted and the same examinations are not ordered again. Participation of couples in the first examination of IVF treatment and assessment of the situation is of great importance in terms of treatment. The tests, which constitute the first stages of IVF treatment, are started and the causes of the problem are searched. If the woman needs an operation to be performed before IVF treatment, this issue is taken into consideration. Congenital uterine problems are treated by hysteroscopy or laparoscopy of the myoma, polyps, and synechia. 

One of the most important factors in getting success in IVF treatment is the selection of IVF centers that stand out with the team of academic specialist physicians instead of IVF clinics that can provide limited services. Pioneered the application of all new techniques in the field of IVF, Memorial IVF Centers serve with high experience and world-class technology. Couples that intend to have children should choose world-class centers equipped with technical infrastructure and advanced diagnostic treatment methods when preferring IVF centers. Offering customized treatment options, Memorial IVF Centers use advanced techniques in the treatment of infertility by examining in detail the factors that prevent women and men from having children. It should also be taken into account that the IVF center is a referenced center in many countries of the world while receiving the advice of the whole infant center. Memorial IVF Centers holds the title of being a reference center in many countries of the world with their ethical and quality standards.


Failure to achieve pregnancy despite regular sexual intercourse without any birth control method for at least 1 year is called infertility. There are 2 types of infertility: Primary infertility where someone who’s never conceived a child in the past and Secondary infertility where someone has had 1 or more pregnancies in the past but is having difficulty conceiving again. The causes of infertility for women and men are detected by means of IVF tests and it is aimed to help them achieve a healthy pregnancy through customized treatment approaches, and their dreams to have a healthy baby. 

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