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Attention To These 6 Reasons Of Varicosis!

The varices which occur as a result of the disturbance of venous blood vessels are also seen among men as much as women contrary to the common belief. Besides the genetic tendency, the main risk factors are the occupations which necessitate standing afoot, pregnancy, gaining weight rapidly and some contraceptives. The modern treatment methods developed for varices, which disturb also in aesthetic terms, ensures a high comfort for the patient and increases the quality of life. Prof. Dr. Aşkın Ali Korkmaz from Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Department gave some info regarding Varicosis and the treatment methods.

If no precaution is taken, it may cause varicose ulcer

The valves in the venous blood vessels which carry the venous blood from the lower side to the upper may break down for various reasons. This may be caused by valve insufficiency or the existence of a blood clot in the deep venous blood vessel also may trigger Varicosis by disrupting the valves. When the pressure of the blood which should normally go upwards but escapes down reflects of the superficial veins, it may cause Varicosis in various sizes and appearances. The problem starts cosmetically. In the long term, it also affects the circulation on the area. Because varicosis is not a rapid disease, it may advance within years. If the needed precautions are not taken and the varicose is not intervened, the calibre of the vein rises in time and complaints start. The problems continue with the increase of pain during the evening hours, swelling of ankles, and night cramps. In the advance periods, some problems on the skin occur and in the latest stage, it causes the scars named varicose ulcer. These scars form the most dangerous situation of Varicosis.

Attention to the environmental factors to be protected from varicosis!

The genetic factors are quite important in the formation of varicosis. Besides this:

  • Obesity
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Standing afoot too much during the day
  • Pregnancy
  • Using contraceptives for a long time
  • Wearing so tight trousers and socks may cause varicosis.

The method is selected according to the stage

In the patients who consulted the doctor with the complaint of Varicosis, “Doppler Ultrasound” examination is done to detect the main problematic area and the stage. If it has advanced, or if there is a rise of calibre above 5 millimetres in the veins, the varices should be intervened. In the past, the interventions were made by applying a cut on the pelvis, knee or ankle and taking the leaking vein off. This method was quite painful for the patients; it was delaying the healing process. Today, modern diagnosis and treatment methods are used. In order to get rid off varices, the method of radiofrequency, laser and glue therapies are applied. In all these methods, the same way is followed basically. The method is determined according to the size and stage of varices. If the leakage is in one of the main veins, it is burned with laser or radiofrequency rays or it is stuck with glue. For the thinner veins, pure sclerotherapy or foam sclerotherapy is preferred. The extremely thin veins can have sclerotherapy but in the slightly bigger ones, the medicine used in sclerotherapy is mixed with air, and the obtained foam is injected into the area.

Don’t have the treatment of Varicosis in beauty centres

The problems of Varicosis should be evaluated by cardiovascular surgery doctors. The sclerotherapy or superficial laser treatments done at the beauty centres for the thin varices before consulting to the doctor may cause undesired results. Many persons may trust the technological devices in such centres. But during the applications at beauty centres, the leakages of major veins may not be seen and the repetition risk becomes higher because the main problem may be still existing.

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